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APRIL 1st Longdale Speedway, Longdale OK (NAT W/SSO)
APRIL 22nd Colorado Motor Sports Park, Byers, CO
APRIL 29th RPM Speedway, Hays KS

MAY 13TH Colorado Motor Sports Park, Byers, CO (NAT)
MAY 20TH Thomas Co. Raceway, Colby KS
MAY 28TH 81 Speedway, Wichita, KS (NAT W/SSO)

JUNE 16TH Dodge City Raceway Park, Dodge City, KS (NAT)
JUNE 17TH Dodge City Raceway Park, Dodge City, KS (NAT)
JUNE 24TH Colorado Motor Sports Park, Byers, CO

JULY 3RD Belleville Highbanks, Bellville, KS (NAT W/SSN)
JULY 8TH Lincoln Co. Speedway, North Platte, NE (NAT)
JULY 9TH Lexington Raceway, Lexington NE
JULY 15TH RPM Speedway, Hays KS (NAT)
JULY 16TH RPM Speedway, Hays KS (NAT)
JULY 29TH Colorado Motor Sports Park, Byers, CO (NAT)

AUG 4TH Rush Co. Speedway, LaCrosse KS
AUG 5TH Belleville Highbanks Belleville KS (NAT)
AUG 19TH Oberlin Speedway, Oberlin, KS (NAT) (T)
AUG 20TH Oberlin Speedway, Oberlin, KS (NAT) (T)
AUG 26TH Colorado Motor Sports Park, Byers, CO

SEPT 16TH Dodge City Raceway Park, Dodge City KS (NAT)
SEPT 23RD Colorado Motor Sports Park, Byers, CO



2016 Banquet photos

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Luke Cranston Dominates To Take the 2016 URSS Myers Racing Engines National Title

Ness City’s Luke Cranston dominated the United Rebel Sprint Series Myers Racing Engines National Title in the 2016 race season. In the eleven National events held, Cranston scored three wins, four runner-up finishes two third place finishes and a fourth and fifth place. Consistency was the name of the game for the Maxim Chassis, Myers Engines powered Cranston Racing Team with Crew Chief Kirk Reinert providing the setups along with Rusty Montgomery, Lonnie Hornung and Team Owner Steve Cranston as they earned their first URSS National Title.

Plainville’s Jed Werner garnered the second place by finishing in the top ten a total of ten times in the eleven races. Look for the Jed to be formidable in the upcoming 2017 season in his Eagle Chassis, Myers powered ride.

Dodge City racer Brian Herbert finished in the third spot two National event wins at the Wheatshocker Nationals and six top ten finishes. Brian and his crew utilize a J&J Chassis and a Myers power plant with Alan Herbert Jr. turning the wrenches.

Quinter Kansas driver Zach Blurton raced his way to the fourth place spot taking two National event  wins in 2016 along with eight top ten finishes. Crew chief John Blurton provides the setups on the Tornado Racing Engines powered JEI Chassis.

McCook Nebraska’s Darren Berry rounds out the top five, finishing with eight top ten finishes in 2016. Berry racing utilizes a Schnee Chassis and Myers power with Bill and Matt Berry crewing.

Liberal’s Steven Richardson take s home the sixth position for 2016. Richardson used his win at the Bullring Nationals and five top ten finishes utilizing a Myers powered J&J Chassis with Randy Richardson turning the wrenches.

Arcadia Oklahoma’s Ty Williams lands in the seventh spot for the 2016 season. Ty drives the Steve Hilker/Steve Schartz owned Myers Engine Service powered Eagle Sprint Car. TJ Aires twists the wrenches for Ty and the team.


Oberlin Kansas driver Aaron Ploussard garnered the eight place finish in the national points chase. With one top ten finish Aaron and the crew always comes to the track determined to do their best with Jerry Stein, Wade Allen Jones and crew on hand.


Loveland Colorado native Austin Mclean brought home the ninth place trophy. The 2015 National Rookie of the Year scored four top ten finishes in his USA Racing Engines powered XXX chassis.


Rounding out the top ten for 2016 is North Platte Nebraska racer John Webster. John utilizes a Myers Engine and an Eagle Racing Chassis.


The United Rebel Sprint Series would like to thank the promoters and all of the racers for a successful 2016 National Points season. The series is looking forward to growing the in 2017 to give the promoters, racers and the fans the most affordable Sprint Car racing in the region.

The United Rebel Sprint Series – “Having More Fun Than The Law Should Allow!”


Darren Berry Wins season finale at Colorado Motorsports Park

1 Darren Berry
2 Zach Blurton...
3 Jake Bubak
4 Adam Trimble
5 Justin Medlock
6 Mark Walinder
7 Zac Taylor
8 Austin McLean
9 Matt Richards
10 Scott Rhoades

Heat winners - Berry, Blurton

The Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger Award was won by
Zach Blurton, moving up 4 spots

With his 2nd place finish Saturday Night and Colorado Motorsports Park, Zach Blurton locked up the URSS West Regional Championship.


Bubak Best In URSS/DCRP Soderberg Memorial

In the 30-lap DCRP Sprint Cars versus United Rebel Sprint Series feature, Bubak battled past Koby Walters for second on the 13th lap and then chased down Steven Richardson a half dozen laps later before checking out to win by more than a full straightaway.

“I knew I had to get by Koby (Walters) in a hurry because Steven (Richardson) gets around here pretty well,” Bubak said in victory lane.

While Bubak started the feature in seventh, Richardson paced the early rounds from the front row outside with DCRP Sprint Car track champion Taylor Velasquez moving in to challenge.

Velasquez slid past Richardson for the point in turn three on the eighth lap, only to have the Liberal, KS, shoe return the favor in turn four after a lap 12 restart.

Up to fourth in the opening four rounds, Bubak gained a position as Velasquez began to back up with handling issues after the contact with Richardson. He then dove past Walters in turn three before ultimately sliding past Richardson for the lead in turns one and two.

While Bubak checked out in the closing rounds aboard the Myers Racing Engines No. 9x Maxim, the battle for position waged in furious fashion in his wake.

Zach Blurton made his way up to second, only to have newly-crowned URSS National champion Luke Cranston slip by at the stripe to snare the position. Blurton settled for the show position with Walters and Mike Peters rounding out the top five.  Click here for all results

Zach Blurton Covers the Field at Colorado Motor Sports Park


The United Rebel Sprint Series rolled into the Colorado Motor Sports Park for a Colorado Region point’s battle Saturday night with nine teams making the pull to Byers. Current point’s leader Austin Mclean went into the event with a slim six point lead over second place Zach Blurton and was looking to add to his lead. But when the night ended it was Zach Blurton who came away with the win.

Todd Plemons led the field to the green flag and grabbed the lead with Justin Medlock, Mark Walinder, Luke Lucero and Zach Blurton rounding out the top five after lap one. Walinder made quick work of Medlock and took the runner up position on lap two. Mark Chisholm worked his way past Luke Lucero on lap three to take over that spot.

Up front Plemons continued to hold the point with the battle for second heated up between Mark Walinder and Zach Blurton. Blurton made his way past the cagey veteran on lap number five and set his sights on the leader. Behind the front duo Walinder was soon joined by fourth running Medlock. Medlock made the pass for the third spot stick on lap eleven.

Attention drivers and fans - The final race at Colorado Motor Sports Park has been moved to Saturday, October 8

Cranston Takes Win in Exciting SSO/URSS Challenge!

Longdale, Oklahoma – September 17, 2016 - Current Myers Racing Engines United Rebel Sprint Series point leader Luke Cranston worked lapped traffic to his advantage, taking the lead with two laps to go to win an exciting Sprint Series of Oklahoma IMCA Racesaver Sprint Car/URSS co-sanctioned event at Longdale Speedway in Longdale, Oklahoma on Saturday night.
SSO regulars Chris Kelly and Cody Whitworth started on the front row for the twenty-five lap feature with Kelly getting the jump and taking the lead as the green flag fell on the twenty-six car field. Whitworth, Brandon Long and Cranston were the top four running order after the first lap with Kelly holding on to a two car length lead.
Whitworth wasted no time making his move, driving underneath Kelly coming out of turn two to take the lead down the backstretch on lap three. He would open a half stretch lead before reaching the slower cars on lap seven while, behind him, Long would pass Kelly for the runner up position.
Lap ten saw fifth starting Cranston get around Kelly for third as he set his sights on Long and the runner-up position.
At the races midway point it was Whitworth, followed by Long, Cranston, sixth starting Andy Shouse and Kelly as Whitworth’s lead dwindled to six car lengths as the leaders continued to enter slower traffic.
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Cranston comes from 8th to dominate Belleville.


Feature Results

1 Luke Cranston
2 JD Johnson
3 Ty Williams
4 Jeff Radcliffe...
5 Zach Blurton
6 Brian Herbert
7 Darren Berry
8 Howard Van Dyke
9 Aaron Ploussard
10 Jed Werner DNF

Heat race winners - Cranston, Williams

Luke Cranston also takes home the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger Award, moving up 7 spots for the win.


15 year old Austin Mclean wins his first Feature

at Colorado Motor Sports Park in Byers Colorado

Feature Results
1 Austin McLean
2 Justin Medlock
3 Patrick Bourke...
4 Adam Trimble
5 Scott Rhoades
6 Mark Walinder
7 Scott Cochran
8 Jeff Geig
9 Mark Chisholm DNF
10 Coby Pearce DNF
11 Todd Plemmons DNF
12 Luke Lucero DNF
Brian Hardman DNS
Cris Mueler DNS

Heat race winners - Bourke, Pearce


The Keizer Aluminum Wheels hard charger award was won by Scott Rhoades, starting 12th and finishing 5th.


Keefe Hemel Dominates URSS at Rooks County Speedway

The United Rebel Sprint Series made their debut at the historic Rooks County Speedway Friday night and set the ½ mile oval a fire as the track came to life once again with winged Sprint Cars. Eleven teams made the trek to the paper clipped shaped oval, long straightaways and tight corners made for some set-up wizardry. Cimarron Kansas driver Keefe Hemel scored his first win of the 2016 season in convincing fashion mastering the tricky monster half mile.

Timken Kansas’s Craig Jecha brought the field to the green flag with Hemel bolting to the lead from his outside pole position with the ”Hill City Hot Shoe” Jeff Radcliffe  grabbing the runner up spot with John Webster, Darren Berry and Brian Herbert rounding out the top five at the end of lap one. Soon Herbert would close the gap between himself and Berry to take over the fourth spot.

Radcliffe would pressure Hemel lap after lap for the first half of the race as they would race side by side down the back straight for many laps.

Kansas point leader Luke Cranston started his run towards the front from his eighth starting spot with second place points Zach Blurton in his tire tracks. The pair locked in a tight point battle in both the Kansas Region and National points as Cranston holds the top spot in both with Blurton holding down the runner up spot. The two drivers were locked in a three way battle for the fifth, sixth and seventh positions with Berry most of the twenty lap feature as the trio worked their way around the oval swapping spots gaining ground only to lose it a lap later. click here for more

JD Johnson Scores Back to Back URSS Wins at the

Highbank Nationals 

The "Month of Money" officially came to an end as sixteen teams checked into the Historic Belleville Highbanks for the $2,000 to win 4th Annual URSS Belleville Nationals. It was the eighth stop of the 2016 Myers Racing Engines National Points Championship Series. Wichita Kansas driver JD Johnson wired the field to take his second Belleville Nationals Crown in as many years in front of a packed house. 

JD Johnson and Jeff Radcliffe led the field to the green flag with Johnson bolting to the point position but before the first lap could be completed a flipping Ken Lutters would bring out the red flag and stop the field. 

On the restart once again Johnson jumped to the lead with fifth place starter Ty Williams rocketing to the runner-up position with Steven Richardson, Luke Cranston and Radcliffe rounding out the top five at the end of lap one. Lincoln Nebraska racer Stu Snyder soon was in the tire tracks of Radcliffe and grabbed the fifth spot away on lap two.  Click here for more

Steven Richardson Victorious at URSS Bullring Nationals

The United Rebel Sprint Series invaded the ¼ mile oval at the Rush County Fairgrounds for the seventh stop on the 2016 Myers Racing Engines National Points Championship. Richardson wired the field from the pole position to pick up his second win of the 2016 URSS Season in the thirty lap feature.

Steven Richardson lead the field to the green and jumped out to the point with outside pole-sitter Koby Walters, Jake Bubak, Darren Berry and Brian Herbert rounding out the top five at the end of lap one. Luke Cranston and JD Johnson both were on Herbert’s tail tank and slipped by Herbert to take over fifth and sixth. Cranston soon made quick work of Darren Berry taking the fourth spot on five. The caution waved on lap six as Craig Jecha looped his mount in turn three to slow the field.

On the restart, Richardson once again jumped out to the lead with Koby Walters in hot pursuit. Lap nine saw Cranston close up on the bumper of Bubak with Cranston taking away the third spot. Behind the leaders Jeremy Huish had starting making his way to the front coming from his 15th starting spot to claim the tenth spot by ten.  click here for more


A Word From The Series Founder


Welcome to our United Rebel Sprint Series official web site. With the growing support of committed competitors and supporting tracks, an affordable sprint car series is now full throttle.  We are now booking dates to area race tracks that will bring back affordable Sprint Car Racing to promoters and participants alike.  This series bottom line is affordable open wheel racing... period.  We have got to keep the costs down on this class to insure it's growth and make it a profitable opportunity for track promoters.  Thus making this series a winner for everyone  ....  including the fans.


With our pay structure of $500 to win and $125 to start the main, it is designed to bring new competitors into the series and make it feasible to travel to the area tracks insuring full fields.  We have adopted a set of rules and feel they are a great set of rules to keep the costs low and the competition close. By enforcing them we can keep it affordable to all.  This series has the potential to grow like wild fire and is a great concept to keep open wheel racing alive to all competitors and racetracks. I want to thank you all for your interest and the overwhelming support most have shown for this series.


Please feel free to contact me at any time for more information.

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